How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Guitar?

Even if your guitar strings are the most expensive on earth, after a while, they would lose quality, get damaged, slack, rust, or just break. When this sad tragedy happens, as a necessity, you would need to change your strings. Which then begs the question “how much does it cost to restring a guitar?”

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There are two options you have when it comes to restringing a guitar And of course, these two have very different costs. The two options are- restringing it yourself and having a professional do it for you. 

Having a professional do it for you is pretty straightforward so we’ll treat that first. The pricing varies from shop to shop so you should go into guitar shops near you and ask how much it would be. However, generally, a professional restringing operation should go from anywhere between $30 — $60. 

Looking at the fact that this package also includes other things like hardware conditioning, guitar cleaning, fixing corrosion, bridge adjustment, and tuning, this seems like a fair price. However, depending on how often you go in to change your strings, this can be quite expensive. 

If that’s too expensive, then restringing the guitar yourself should be your best bet. If you have the time and you know what you’re doing, this should be a lot more affordable than taking it to a professional. 

List Of Things You’ll Need And Their Costs

So here’s a brief list of the things you’ll need to restring the guitar yourself and the cost for each:

  • A new set of strings

A new set of strings should set you back around $5 — $15. You can definitely get it a lot cheaper than that depending on the set you get. So just have your eye out for a very affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

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  • An “Okay” String Cutter

You don’t need the high-end stuff, to be honest. You can make do with a much more affordable string cutter. This should set you back anywhere between $10 — $30. 

  • Tuner

If you don’t already have a tuner, this should set you back only about $10 — $25. Here is a great tuner we think you should check out. D’Addario Clip-on Tuner

All in all, you’re spending between $25 — $70.


Now, hold your horses. It might look like giving it to a professional is definitely the more affordable option, but that’s not the case at all. While you would have to spend around $50 every time you want to restring your guitar with a professional, you would only need to spend that much once if you’re doing it yourself. 

Once you have all these tools, restringing your guitar becomes as cheap as the cost of the new set of strings, which can be as low as $5. 

Also, while these tools help make the restringing process a lot easier and faster, you don’t exactly need them. In fact, we have an article explaining how you can completely restring your guitar without any tools. 

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You would definitely need some time and patience but it’s doable, and you don’t even need to be an advanced player to get it. Even a beginner can do it.

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