Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830 – Detailed Comparison

Today, we’ll be doing a comparative analysis of two guitars from the same brand: Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830.

For a while, Yamaha FG800 has held the record for the most sort after guitar under $300. By every standard, this is a massive feat. It also says a lot about the product’s quality and positive features.

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On the other hand, Yamaha FG830 is an incremental difference to the FG800. Because of this, it would not be fair to outrightly compare these products, considering that the manufacturers designed the FG830 to be an upgrade. Rather, we will be assessing if the FG830 is worth the acclaimed upgrade.

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Yamaha FG800 vs FG830 – Comparison Overview

Overall Review of Yamaha FG800 vs FG830

The Yamaha FG800 is a guitar that needs no introduction. With the FG guitar series that dates back to 1966, it is one of the renowned releases by Yamaha. The Yamaha FG830 is a subsequent model with upgrades in terms of sound quality, materials used, and tonal properties.

The back and sides of the Yamaha FG830 are made of rosewood. Although a hardwood, it has properties that enhance the production of great sounds. The presence of pores is one of the reasons for this.

The FG800, on the other hand, has its back and sides made of Nato wood. Although equally good, it does not offer the massive benefits rosewood offers.

Other than this, these guitars share a lot of similarities. The size, shape, design, strings, all prove that these guitars are like-patterned in many ways

What does the FG mean in the Yamaha guitar products?

The FG used to address many Yamaha guitars is the shortened form for “folk guitars”. There are many Yahama guitars that fall into this category. The guitars FG830, FG-TA, FG840, FG820, FG850, the best selling Yahama FG800, and many more fall into this category.

The term folk guitar is used to refer to a particular guitar structure, rather than a type. On this note, guitars from small to medium size falls into this category.

When did the Yamaha guitar FG series begin?

The Yamaha guitar FG series dates back to 1966 when the FG-180 model made its debut. From that point, Yahama has constantly made upgrades with newer and more exciting models.

However, one remarkable advantage of most Yamaha guitars is the price. So, even with amazing additions to newer products, the price is fair enough for potential clients. The FG800 is an example and has gained so much popularity because of its best selling status and quality. This is just one of the many models in the FG series.

Is the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 expensive?

Both the FG800 and FG830 are budget-friendly acoustic guitars. Compared to other brand product that offers the same features and quality, both guitars are a cost-effective choice. Since the FG830 is newer and offers more sound quality, it cost more than the FG800.

What are the similarities between the FG800 and FG830?

The similarities between the FG800 and FG830 include the following.

1. They are manufactured by the same brand: Yamaha.
2. They come with a solid spruce top.
3. These guitars are built with consideration for strumming and finger-picking.
4. The fretboard of both the FG800 and FG830 are made with rosewood.
5. They have acoustic-electric versions that can be easily amplified.
6. Both guitars can be purchased in different colors, with the FG830 having a slightly higher number of colors.

It is amazing to note that both guitars have a solid spruce top. This is because spruce is an excellent tonewood capable of producing bright and clear sounds. In addition to physical features such as its pores, the strength and tonal quality of this tonewood, makes it better than others.

Are the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 guitars good for strumming?

The Yamaha FG800 and FG830 are very good guitars that allow players strum well enough. This is because they come with good steel strings that are well placed over the wooden fretboard.

These steel strings have a bright sound that makes them an excellent choice for music styles like rock and country.

Do beginners feel pain playing the FG800 and FG830 guitar?

As with every other kind of guitar, beginners are going to feel pain playing the FG800 and FG830 guitar. Although the FG800 is considered one of the best and affordable guitars for learners, beginners will have to cope with finger pains at the early stages of learning.

However, this is not enough reason to worry as the body will get accustomed to it in a while.

What are the FG800 and FG830 fretboard made of?

The Yamaha FG800 and FG830 fretboard are made with rosewood. Because of the quality and ability to aid tonal resonance, rosewood is a popular choice for making fretboard among manufacturers. This is also because of its natural feel.

The feel of playing on a rosewood fretboard is nice and guarantees quality sound. However, because it is not a finished wood, you should make it a duty to occasionally clean the fretboard, as well as change the strings.

What is the best kind of guitar for live solo performance?

An acoustic-electric guitar is the best kind of guitar for a live solo performance. If you are going to perform right in front of a large audience, using an acoustic-electric guitar is your best option. Other than being projected loud enough for all to hear, it gives a natural feel. One that is lacking in many core electric guitars. So, if you are determined to have a natural guitar sound for such performances, you should use an acoustic-electric guitar.

However, for genres such as rock ‘n’ roll and electric music, sticking to the regular electric guitar is better. For such genres, a synthetic sound may be more appropriate.

In the same vein, you can get an acoustic-electric version of either the Yamaha FG800 or FG830 for live performances. These kinds are best suited for the occasion. It is way better than directing a mic stand towards the guitar. There are also several colors you can choose from. Although, the FG830 has 4 more colors available than the FG800.

What are the Differences Between the FG800 and FG830?

The main difference between the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 is the tonewood used to make the back and sides of these guitars. The Yamaha FG800 has its back and sides made of nato wood. On the contrary, the Yamaha FG830 has its back and sides made of rosewood.

Which is better for making a guitar: Rosewood or Nato wood?

Rosewood is a lot better than nato for making guitars. Although rosewood is a hardwood, it has pores that aid its ability to produce a warm sound. This warm sound compliments the bright sound of the spruce top, ensuring that an overall balanced and rich sound is produced. Because it is also a much harder wood, this means it is stronger and more durable.

If you can afford it, we suggest you opt for the FG830 because of this feature. Apparently, it costs more, but given the durability and sound production, it is worth it.

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Comparison Table — Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830


Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG830

Guitar Material: BackNato, OkumeRosewood
Guitar Material: SidesNato, OkumeRosewood
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What are the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 Best Suited for?

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG830

This is a very good guitar for beginners. This is because it is affordable, quite easy to play, and without complicated features.While this would not be your preferred choice for a big gig, it is a very good guitar. For intermediate professionals, this guitar has features that are helpful.  

Also, if you are a singer-songwriter, the dreadnought offers the needed big bold sound. If you are not a songwriter, you might want to opt for the concert grand guitar.
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What are the Features Common to Yamaha FG800 and FG830?

Some of the features common to both the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 are:

1. The size, scale, and length.
2. The Design.
3. Availability of acoustic-electric version.
4. They are made with a solid spruce top.
5. They have steel strings rather than nylon strings.
6. The fingerboard or fretboard is made of rosewood.

Many of these similarities are down to the brand peculiarity. This is because both the FG800 and FG830 are produced by the same manufacturer: Yamaha. In fact, the FG830 is an upgrade that comes with deliberate modifications when compared to the FG800.

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at all those features that you can find on both of these acoustic guitars.

Size, Scale, & Length

Both instruments are full-sized. They have a scale length of 25.6 inches, and a Nut Width of 43 millimeters. The size makes either guitar an excellent choice for adults who are just starting off with the guitar.

Is the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 good for kids?

The Yamaha FG800 and FG830 is not the perfect guitar for kids. This is because of the disadvantage they can experience while reaching for the strings and fretboard with their hands. Also, general body placement of the instrument can come difficult for kids. Instead, As a result, you should opt instead for an acoustic guitar in the Yamaha Junior collection. For this purpose, the Yamaha JR1 and JR2 is an example of a guitar ideal for your kids.

For a detailed review of both the Yamaha JR1 and JR2, Click here.


The design of these guitars is very similar. If you check out the same color and shape of both instruments, you will have a hard time telling the difference. Except for the sound quality, this explains how similar both instruments are.

However, the more updated version: the FG830, is available in more colors.

Body Types

Let’s discuss the two body types that these guitars offer. They can either come as a Grand Concert & Dreadnought guitar.

Grand Concert

What does a grand concert guitar look Like?

The grand concert’s guitar shape is based on the shape of a classical guitar. It has extreme curves and for its size, this is somewhere between large and small guitars. Because of its size and extreme curves, grand concert guitars produce great mid-range tones. The sound is very clear and this is what makes them excellent for a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

Who should use the grand concert guitar?

The grand concert guitar is a great choice for young guitarists, guitarists with a short body frame, as well as anymore who is just trying out the guitar. This is because it is slimmer, and so stretching towards the strings will not be difficult. As a beginner, we advise that regardless of the brand you opt for, choose a grand concert product.

Compared to the dreadnought, the grand concert is more popular. As a result, getting it would not be difficult.


How does the Dreadnought guitar sound and look like?

The dreadnought guitar is pretty large and broad with subtler curves. Because the curves are subtler, dreadnoughts produce a full, bold, and deep tone. This makes it particularly great for genres that require enormous finger-style playing or strumming. This guitar body type is considered traditional because it has been around for quite a while.

The dreadnought guitar is built for volume and projection, with a bigger sound box to produce ample sounds.

Who should use the dreadnought guitar?

The dreadnought guitar should be used by players who want a powerful sound with strong low-end notes. However, this is not the ideal guitar body type for learners and beginners. This is because the size can be intimidating and difficult to operate for such players.

To check out the difference between the grand concert and dreadnought guitar sound, you can watch this video below.

Video: Body Type Comparison – Dreadnought vs. Grand Concert

Colors Available

Away from the body type, we dive right into the various colors available for each of these guitars.

What are the colors available for the Yahama FG800?

For the Yamaha FG800, you have only two color options to choose from. This can either be Natural or Ruby. The natural has the color of spruce, a very light brown option. The other option is Ruby Red. Other than these, the FG800 does not offer any more others.

What are the colors available for the Yamaha FG830?

For the Yamaha FG830, there are 6 different colors available. These colors are:

1. Autumn Burst

2. Natural

3. Tobacco Sunburst

4. Dark Sun Red

5. Black

6. Brown Sunburst

This is 4 more than the options offered by the Yamaha FG800. Because of this wide array of options, you are likely to find a preferred choice among either of the 6 options.

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Rosewood Fingerboard/Fretboard

What is the importance of the guitar’s fingerboard?

The guitar’s fingerboard is a very important part of the guitar. When functioning properly or otherwise, it affects the guitar’s sound production and the player’s convenience. As a player, the fingerboard is the part you interact with most. If your fingerboard or fretboard feels off, playing the guitar will be difficult. It might sound well, however, your fingers would get irritated easily, largely affecting your desire to play the instrument.

Given the importance of the fingerboard, manufacturers ensure that the feel of the fretboard’s material is taken seriously. It is on this note that Yamaha decided to opt for rosewood for both instruments.

What kind of rosewood is used for the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 fretboard?

The rosewood used for the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 is the Indian rosewood. This should not be confused with the Brazilian rosewood which is very rare and exotic.

Is the Indian rosewood good for making guitar fretboard?

The Indian rosewood is not a bad alternative for making a guitar fretboard. Although it is not as good as the Brazilian rosewood, it has a good natural feel and does not require any finish. This is unlike Ebony wood. Also, the cost of the Indian rosewood makes it a great option for guitar manufacturers. Compared to the Brazilian rosewood, it is easily available and cost-effective.

What are the popular woods used to make guitar fretboard?

The Rosewood and Ebony wood are very common among guitar manufacturers. This is especially when making the guitar’s fretboard. However, to have these fretboards feeling natural, you have to clean them, as well as the strings frequently.

How do you clean a rosewood fretboard?

To clean a rosewood fretboard, remove all the strings and wipe them thoroughly with a clean dry cloth. You should also use a fretboard oil to aid the cleaning process. Although oily, do not substitute vegetable-based oil for the ideal fretboard oil. This is because vegetable-based oil can have a damaging effect on rosewood in the long run.

Below is a visual illustration to help you out with this process.

Video: How to clean and condition a Rosewood Fretboard

Nato Neck

Nato is often referred to as the “Eastern Mahogany”. This is because it shares a lot of similarities with the popular wood in terms of sound, looks, and even feel.

Considering that Nato is more affordable, many cheap guitars use it as a replacement for Mahogany. The use of the Nato wood is a reason the Yamaha F800 and FG830 are affordable and still maintain top-quality.

Is Nato wood good for making guitars?

Nato wood is also good for making guitars. As with Mahogany, Nato is very dense and tough. So, when used especially for the guitar’s neck, the guitar will be strong and durable. This means the guitar should be able to survive a few drops. Also, to add to the expected great look of the guitar, Nato wood finishes very well.

Steel Strings

Both of these guitars use steel strings. This is not a surprise as neither the FG800 nor FG830 is a classical guitar. Classical guitars are fond of using steel strings.

Should a beginner use a steel-string guitar?

A beginner or learner can make use of a steel-string guitar. The choice is majorly about the music style and guitar product, rather than the string type. A grand concert guitar like the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 can be used by beginners. This is despite the fact that it is steel-stringed, making it harder than nylon-string guitars. With time, the learners will come to terms with the hard nature of the steel-string and play well on it.

Although nylon strings are more tender on the fingers, this is not the reason you should use them in place of steel-string guitars. This is because generally, the strings are going to hurt a beginner’s fingers. It is only that with steel strings, the pain comes faster.

With a little practice, beginners will get use to the guitar.

Should you use a steel string or nylon string guitar?

Your music style should determine if you will use the steel string or nylon string guitar. If your music style requires a lot of strumming or fingerpicking, the steel strings are ideal for you. Music genres such as metal, rock, and even country will benefit enormously from steel strings. This is because they sound sharper than nylon strings. On the other hand, for styles like classical that require a fuller sound, a nylon-stringed guitar will be better.

Also, you shoud at no point consider switching a guitar string to another kind. If the guitar string is nylon, you should not use a steel string on it and vice versa.

To know more about why you should not switch a guitar string, watch the video below.

Video: Swap Nylon Strings & Metal Strings? Myths & Tips


Does the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 have Acoustic-Electric guitars?

Both the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 have acoustic-electric, as well as pure acoustic versions available for sale. Apparently, the electric-acoustic version of both instrument costs slightly more than the purely acoustic version.

For those who frequently play in gigs, the acoustic-electric guitar is a better choice. This is because it is convenient to play as all that is needed is plugging directly to an amp, using the audio jack. For such people, this is better than attaching a mic to the soundbox.

In particular, the electric-acoustic version of both instruments come with features that make it different from the pure acoustic version.

What are the features of the Yamaha FG800 and FG830 acoustic-electric guitar?

The electric-acoustic version of the Yamaha FG800 and FG830, comes with an under-saddle piezo with a 3-band EQ. It also comes with a precision chromatic tuner, as well as a frequency control that allows you to adjust the mid-range. With these features, you can tailor the guitar sound to meet your need.

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Solid Spruce Top

Both guitars are made with a solid spruce top. Considering that both guitars are cheap, this is an unusual feature. Most of the acoustic guitars in this price range come with laminated tops, rather than solid wood.

What are the differences between solid and laminated wood?

The differences between solid and laminated wood include the following:

1. Laminated wood is synthetic, while solid wood is organic.
2. When compared to solid wood, laminated wood has inferior tonal properties.
3. Laminated wood does better with atmospheric changes and harsh temperatures.
4. Solid wood is more durable than laminated wood.

Laminated wood is formed when thin sheets of processed wood are joined using a strong adhesive. The problem with this wood is that a large part of the sound is absorbed by the adhesives. This is the reason laminated wood has inferior tonal properties when compared to solid wood.

On the contrary, solid wood requires less synthetic additions. It is natural and offers a better tonal feature. However, it is unable to cope with especially harsh changes in the atmosphere, making laminated wood better in this regard.

So, despite its durability, you would need to regulate the temperature and humidity of the surrounding it is kept.

A drastic change can affect the natural resins that hold the wood together. This can cause the wood to develop cracks, compromising its joints. Meanwhile, with laminated wood, rather than natural resins, the adhesives keep bond together. This makes them strong even in the face of temperature and humidity changes.

However, if you’re looking for the best sounding guitar, your call should be a solid wood guitar. This brings us to the most important point about the Spruce tops: the tone.

Spruce Vs Cedar

Which sounds better: The spruce or cedar guitar top?

It is hard to decide if the spruce is better sounding than the cedar, or vice versa. The decision is majorly about the expected sound. The spruce top has a bright and distinct sound. As a result, each note played is heard with maximum clarity and precision. Generally, spruce tops tend to produce sounds that have more sustain than cedar. On the other hand, cedar tops produce more mellow and fuller sounds. Rather than the focus on clarity for each note, instead the whole chord is heard as one sound.

These are the two main options when it comes to acoustic guitar tops. Because of the useful peculiarities of both tops, there is no unanimous decision on which is better.

People can only pick their preferred choice based on the sound they prefer, as well as the type of music they want to play.

Which guitar top do beginners prefer?

Often, beginners prefer guitars with a cedar top. This is because it can hide their flaws while they play. When the notes of a chord are not properly played, with cedar tops, it is hard to detect. This is because the emphasis is on the chord and not the singular notes. However, with spruce tops, the case is different. This is because it easily sells out a bad player. Once any note is wrongly picked, it will be evident in the sound.

Spruce tops are generally more preferred by Rock, Jazz, and some classical guitarists. This is because they need to amplify every note even while playing chords.

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Features Unique To Each Guitar –Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830

As stated earlier, these two guitars share tons of similarities. The major physical difference is the wood used to make the back and sides. The Yamaha FG800 is made with Nato wood, while the Yamaha FG830 is made with rosewood.

Discussing these tonewoods, let’s see how much difference they make to their guitars.


For the FG800, the same wood: Nato, is used to make the neck, back, and sides. To understand the physical properties of Nato, please check our discussion on the neck wood above.

When used as a neck wood, Nato wood does not affect the sound as much as when it is used for the back and sides.

Just like Mahogany, Nato produces a beefy mid-range tone, well able to sounds good even in the midst of other instruments. It has a deep and warm resonance, as well as sharp overtones.

In simpler terms, you can choose to see Nato as a lower quality, but more affordable Mahogany. Both kinds of wood share many tonal properties. However, if you listen to both attentively, you’ll be able to tell that one has a premium sound: Mahogany.

To find out what the Yamaha FG800 sounds like, you can check the video below.

Video: Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Review


Unlike Nato, Rosewood is not regarded as “the affordable option” by any standard. As a very solid material, it has excellent tonal properties which explain why it is often used as a fretboard wood.

Rosewood offers a very warm sound with good volume and resonance. It has clarity at both the bottom end and the trebles.

About its physical quality, Rosewood is a hardwood. In fact, it’s harder than Maple. However, because it is very porous, it’s a lot warmer than maple.

Rosewood works particularly well on FG830 because of its spruce top. Spruce has a very bright sound and the warm sounds produced by rosewood compliments it well enough. This combination offers an overall balanced sound that is full, rich, and bright.

For this singular reason, if you can afford it, we recommend you purchase the FG830.

From the video below, you can check out how the Yamaha FG830 sounds.

Video: Yamaha FG830 (2016) – Amazing Budget Guitar!

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Unique Pros — Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830

What are the Advantages of the Yamaha FG800?

The advantages of the Yamaha FG800 include the following:

1. It is very affordable. It has gained widespread popularity as the most purchased guitar under $300.

2. The back and sides are made with Nato wood. This ensures that the instrument is lightweight, but sounds great.

3. It comes with a rosewood bridge and fretboard. This means that the bridge and fretboard are durable and with good tonal features. This is because, although a hardwood, rosewood has pores enough to make it sound great.

4. It is made of solid wood. Rather than laminated wood which is popular among cheap guitars, the Yamaha FG800 is made with solid wood.

What are the Advantages of the Yamaha FG830?

The advantages of the Yamaha FG830 include the following:

1. Because of its rosewood back and sides, this guitar offers more balanced and richer tone.

2. There are 6 colors available to choose from. This is 4 more than the Yamaha FG800.

3. Because Rosewood is harder than Nato, parts made of this part will last longer.

Unique Cons — Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830

What are the Disadvantages of the Yamaha FG800?

The disadvantages of the Yamaha FG800 include the following:

1. Because the back and sides are made of Nato wood, it does not have tonal properties as good as Rosewood. This makes it inferior to the FG830.

2. There are only 2 colors available to choose from.

3. It is considered only a beginner’s guitar. As the learner progresses, there will be a need for a guitar with more tonal and physical features.

What are the Disadvantages of the Yamaha FG830?

The disadvantages of the Yamaha FG830 include the following:

1. It is more expensive. It uses some expensive components. The use of rosewood for the back and sides is one of such.

2. It is still not considered the best guitar for intermediate level players.

3. It is slightly heavy than some lightweighted guitar. The use of rosewood which is a hardwood makes it slightly heavier.

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Common Cons — Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG830

Too Big For KidsEven with the Grand Concert design, these guitars are a bit large for younger players.

As a result, neither of these guitars is best suited for your kid.
Same as the Yamaha FG800.
Tuning Is NeededBecause both guitars are factory made, they need to be tuned properly before they can be played.

So, beginners may have to seek help from the nearest guitar shop before they can start playing.
Same as the Yamaha FG800.

What Do People Think: Yamaha FG800 vs FG830?

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG830

People, especially beginners, admit it is very easy to play and with less complicated features. This explains why it is a best seller.Although not as popular as the FG800, the FG830 is not too far behind.
Experienced musicians admit that this guitar is simplicity at its best. For instance, you do not have any gaps and the glue is not excess around the joints. The construction work with this guitar is perfect.A lot people appreciate the wood used to make this guitar. The solid spruce top give the guitar a very elegant sound, something better than many other guitars within this price range.
Professionals appreciate that this guitar comes with a solid spruce top. One customer stressed that this was this instrument’s most attractive feature.Furthermore, the rosewood back and sides are very helpful. They help to balance out the brightness and sharpness of the spruce sound, something many customers love.
This guitar will not win an award for aesthetic design, however, it is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.

However, they noted that the paint on the head stock may rub off with time.

People love its grand concert shape. It’s a great guitar to play whenever and whereever.
Some customers complain that the saddle, nut, and bridge pins are made of plastic.

So, you may want to replace these with tusk instead, and probably brass for the bridge pins. This would increase the overall volume, as well as improve the tonal quality.

Because this is factory-made, you may need a few tweaks to get this guitar to sound like some of the best acoustic guitars out there.

What Do We Think: Yamaha FG800 vs FG830?

Yamaha makes excellent instruments, and they have not disappointed with these two acoustic guitars: Yamaha FG800 and FG830. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, these instruments will come in handy.

Which is better: Yamaha FG800 vs FG830?

The Yamaha FG830 is a lot better than the FG800. This is majorly down to the use of rosewood which takes it steps ahead in sound production and tonal quality. Although the FG800’s use of Nato wood is not bad, it is not as good as the FG830 option of rosewood. Apparently, the FG830 costs more than the FG800, but the price is worth it.

For this primary reason, there is no contest as to which of this is better. This is definitely the FG830.

However, if you do not have the extra cash to spare, the FG800 is a good option as well.

These guitars are factory-made and this means you have to pay attention to the tuning at the initial stage. If you are a beginner, you can seek help from the nearest guitar hardware store.

To get either of these guitars, you can click any of the links below.

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You can check out these other in-depth articles…

Yamaha FG800 Vs FG830 – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yamaha Fg800 a Good Guitar?

The Yamaha fg800 is a good guitar judging by its price. There are not so many guitars within the same price range that will offer what it does. This guitar is best suited for beginners and as a first guitar. However, as learners get better, it is better to switch to something that offers more features.

Although it is relatively cheap, the sound it produces is more than the price it comes with. This explains the impressive amount of sales it has made all over the world.

Which Is Better: Cort or Yamaha?

Judging from some features, Yamaha makes better guitars than Cort. This is especially when you consider the quality of the sound, the smoothness of the fretboard, string mass, and durability. For a beginner, you get the best from a Yamaha acoustic guitar.

Although both brands have guitars with very encouraging prices, the quality Yamaha offers, proves that good things can come at low prices. This is not to rule out Cort as they also offer great quality. However, when placed side by side, Yamaha is a step ahead in the game.

Are Yamaha Guitars Good Quality?

Yamaha guitars offer very good quality. Judging by their price, they have cheap items that produce great sounds, have smooth and convenient fretboard, and easy to use especially for beginners. For those with a limited budget seeking the best guitar available to them, Yamaha has a wide range of impressive items. So, when comparing Yamaha to other guitar brands, you have to consider the price to performance ratio. In this regard, Yamaha comes top of the game.

Although actively into the production of other musical instruments, semiconductors, and other products, Yamaha has been able to ensure they maintain a high standard with their guitars.

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Is Yamaha Made in China?

Some Yamaha products are made in China. In the same vein, some products are produced in the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other locations around the world. However, the products made in China are not short of the good quality usually associated with the Yamaha brand. The company personally ensures that the standard, materials, and machines are uniform in all its production sites.

As a result, there is no need to get worked up about the quality of Yamaha products made in China. The major reason for the location of plants across the world is to cater for demands in close areas. Aside from this, the cost of production is another reason.

Is Yamaha Chinese or Japanese?

The Yamaha Corporation is a multinational company that originated and is headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. However, it has manufacturing plants in China, which may have caused confusion on the brand’s origin. In the same vein, Yamaha products are also manufactured in parts such as the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other locations across the world.

If the concern is about the standard of Yamaha products made in China, there is nothing to worry about. This is because Yamaha enforces its high standard for every product made. This is regardless of the area it is manufactured. As a result, the same materials and machines are used for production.

Is Yamaha Better Than Fender?

Yamaha guitars are better than Fender when you consider the price. Yamaha offers so much for one of the lowest prices possible in the market. Other than the pricing, Fender does better with its sound quality especially. The soundbox and production mechanism are very impressive, allowing you to play and enjoy the music played. If you have the budget, getting a Fender is a very smart move. This is especially if you are considering getting an electric guitar.

However, in terms of cost per value ratio, Yamaha is better than Fender.

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