How Hard Is It To Learn The Piano?

It is a tale as old as time that nothing good comes easy. This saying also applies to learning to play the piano. Learning to play the piano requires a lot of patience and dedication. However, the real question is, how hard is it to learn the piano?

The difficulty level of learning the piano can be determined by several factors. We shall be considering some of those factors and how they affect the individual learner.

Factor 1 – Having No Basic Musical Knowledge Or Background

The first factor that will affect your piano learning at the very beginning is your musical knowledge.

Your level of musical knowledge will determine how hard learning the piano (and pretty much any musical instrument) will be for you.

So, to make learning the piano easier we advise that you have some level of musical knowledge before you start off your learning adventure.

Factor 2 – High Expectations For Short Term Period

If you are planning to learn the piano, let us pre-inform you that the process takes time. So, if you expect to start playing like Beethoven within a few weeks or months of starting, then you are already on the wrong lane.

This is because when your high expectations aren’t met, you begin to get frustrated and see it as a waste of time.

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When learning to play the piano, patience is key to learning with ease. Keep your expectations as moderate as can be and you’ll be just fine.

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Factor 3 – Practice

Another very popular saying is that practice makes perfect. How well you practice whatever you are learning will determine how easy learning will be for you, here’s how.

Learning the piano is a step-by-step process. So, the earlier you get done with one step the earlier you can move to another.

There is no better way to learn than to practice. Practicing more often will help you learn and get used to the piano faster.

With more and more practice, learning the piano will not be as hard as it might seem at the beginning.

Factor 4 – Starting With The Basics

One mistake a lot of people make when starting to learn the piano is trying to skip the basics. Most times, a lot of learners just jump into playing drills and songs that they find online.

This is a wrong move to make and it will also make the piano harder to learn. There are situations that require to apply some of the basic knowledge of the piano.

So, in your piano learning journey be sure to start with the basic parts of the art – they always become handy for at some point.

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Factor 5 – Self Teaching

The final factor that will determine how hard learning the piano is self-teaching. For different reasons, some learners decide to teach themselves the piano.

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As achievable as this can be, it also makes learning the piano harder. Learning without a teacher means you don’t have detailed explanations of the things you want to learn. Also, when you have questions or confusion, you’d also have to figure all that out on your own. This, in turn, increases the learning duration and difficulty in picking it up.

Another advantage of having a teacher is that you have someone else monitoring your progress. When teaching yourself, you really can’t tell if you are getting better, worse, or staying the same.


So, how hard is it to learn the piano? Well, with the right steps and a pinch of patience and dedication, it’s not that hard.

Once you take note of the factors we have mentioned in this article, you can rest assured that learning the piano will not be hard. The only thing to always keep in mind is that learning the piano might take time.

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